Victoria Chinatown Restaurants

A multi-block radius in Victoria’s downtown core is home to flavourful Chinatown. Its entrance is framed by large bold archways, an abundance of red and gold, and is home to an eclectic assortment of restaurants. In Chinatown, you’ll find authentic Chinese food, breakfast spots, a French bistro, and a farm-to-table restaurant too. 

Here are only some of the must-try restaurants in Victoria’s Chinatown.

Wah Lai Yuen Bakery & Restaurant

With an incredibly casual vibe, Wah Lai Yuen Bakery & Restaurant, situated close to the intersection of Fisgard, and Government Streets is known for its Asian Fare and an especially good bakery. TripAdvisor reviews boast ‘Best Pork Buns Ever’ time and time again, though, to ensure availability, it’s important to order before 11 AM. For lunch and dinner, the menu is limitless. From noodles like Won Ton Soup and Chow Mein to Hot Pots and Barbecue, Wah Lai Yuen is worth a visit.


Quaint, simple, and intimate, Olo Restaurant is situated on the corner of Fisgard and Store Streets. Using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, Olo takes pride in learning not only where their products come from but also in learning more about the people who create them. Though their menu changes seasonally, you’re likely to see menu items like lingcod, duck, lamb, and maybe the odd cheeseburger too. Meant to offer a laid-back vibe, Olo’s farm-to-table food and ultra-professional service places it among the top of Victoria’s many restaurants.

Brasserie L’Ecole

A well-kept secret, Brasserie L’Ecole, easily overlooked, is subtly located on Government Street. With no reservations allowed, it’s common to see line-ups at its exterior. Using local and seasonal ingredients only, the French-country menu is ever-changing. One can expect traditional dishes like Moules and Frites, and, as noted by endless google reviews is home to the best burger ever – The Brasserie Burger. With limited seated, Brasserie is always bustling.

Don Mee Seafood Restaurant

Easily known as the best in Chinatown, Don Mee has been serving patrons of Chinatown for 80 years. Serving dim-sum, Cantonese and Sichuan plates, you can expect a lively atmosphere most times of the day. Even celebrities like Jennifer Tilly, Michael J Fox, and Goldie Hawn have endorsed the amazing food at Don Mee’s.

Jam Cafe

Featuring all-day breakfast, Victoria’s Jam Cafe on Herald Street has a cult-like following. A line-up snakes along its exterior most days of the week. Though healthy menu choices exist, like Yogurt Parfait, Apple Pan-Fried Oatmeal, and Fruit Salad Bowl, it’s the more decadent options you’ll struggle to resists. Jam ‘Benny’s’ include Classic Ham, Smashed Avacado, and Pork Belly.  Additionally, there are omelettes and pancakes, like Banana Walnut Pancakes, Maggie’s S’More Pancakes, and Strawberry Banana French Toast, that rival the decadence of most bakeries.

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