Waiatt Bay Desolation Sound

Waiatt Bay Desolation Sound.  Waiatt Bay is broad and protected, with convenient anchoring depths behind Octopus Islands.  The bay’s entrance is choked with islets and rocks, and Sailing Directions (written for large vessels) warn against entering.  With the aid of large-scale Plans Chart 3537 (1:20,000), however, a small boat can pick its way in along the south shore, in the middle of the islets, or along the north shore.  The chart shows the possibilities.  You might anchor in a notch along the shore, or at the head of the bay.

A trail connects the head of Waiatt Bay with Small Inlet.  The trail splits about halfway along.  Both branches go through, but Correspondent Pat Shera says the branch to the northwest is the drier of the two.

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